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To what lies beyond the darkness…
As if calling to the utter stillness,
A flower blossoms!


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TheBloomingSunflower what I desire.

Russian Federation

Basic Info:
Name: Anastasiya Braginsky
Aliases: Anya || Kolko || Roshiko || Ivanna || Inna || Irina
Sex: Female
Physical Age: 22 Years Old
Actual Age: Around 1,700 years old
Birthday: December 30th, 1922
Species: Country

Country Info:
Capital: Moscow
Largest City: Moscow
National Anthem: Государственный гимн Российской Федерации
Demonym: Russian
Area: 17,075,400 km2
Population (By 2012): 143,300,000
President: Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister: Dmitry Medvedev
Government: Federation, Semi-presidential system, Republic, Constitutional republic

Height:175 cm (5'9")
Weight: 56 Kilograms (125 Pounds)
Hair: Long beige-blonde hair
Eyes: Lilac-colored eyes
Special Features: Wears a Papakhi or Ushanka, with pompons attached, constantly and carries shovel around
Clothing: Long, pink winter coat; long brown boots; Papakhi or Ushanka with a fluffy pompon on it, two smaller ones attached to it with a ribbon

Occupation: World Country
Likes: Sunflowers, Vodka, Hugs, Siblings, Ballet, Sunshine, Matryoshka dolls, Russian Folk Music, Russian Culture
Dislikes: Being called as "fat," Snow, Thunderstorms, Belarus threatening for her to "marry" him, Cheating in Relationships, Liars, Fighting
Fears: Being alone, snow storms, Losing family or friends
Secrets: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Relationship Status: Single, uninterested in love

( RP messages : 7 )

Admin Status of Tasha:
✏ Lurking

Admin Status of Hel:
✏ Offline

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Appearance: Anya is a modestly-dressed woman with long beige-blonde hair and lilac-colored eyes. She usually wears a long, pink winter coat, long brown boots and a diadem with a fluffy pompon on it, and two smaller ones attached to it with a ribbon. Russia is also said to carry around a large shovel instead of a lead pipe, like her male counterpart, and matryoshka dolls.

Personality: Anya can be described as “seemingly bighearted and innocent,” but unlike Ivan, Anya can be described as a “wearied mother figure that is emotionally unstable rather than childishly cruel.” However, Anya can be similar to Ivan in ways such as quick to forgive and always looking for friends. She's shy and unsociable around people she doesn't consider friends. Anya, abiding from Ivan, doesn’t always like to “become one” with other Nations. However, she does when she is on the verge of being crazy or in highly intoxicated with vodka. She, too, can be threatening to the others (i.e., the Baltics) when forced too. She is more calm-minded than Ivan. Nevertheless, Anya is more sensitive that Ivan, meaning that she is quicker to anger. Just like Ivan, she has been tormented since her childhood, having seen many tragedies and wars, which have cracked her mentality. General Winter haunts and attacks her every year, which has caused her to hate the snow. Continuing the thought, Anya is oblivious to her surroundings and is dimwitted. She can be found as clueless and doesn’t really understand what is happening.


Hetalia and the characters rightfully belong to their owners Funimation and Hidekaz Himaruya. The art on this page belongs to their rightful owners and all credit go to them.


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ludibry Featured By Owner May 29, 2013
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but this is a pretty page >w< }
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Ask-FemIndia Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
((w00t a Nyo!Russia! WHOOO THEY CAN BE BESTIES //SHOT// Sorry, anytime I can have history-based relations I get quite happy ♥ ))

"Namaste, Miss Anya!" The Indian woman greeted the Russian with a big smile, bowing her head a little with her hands clasped together. "It's been much too long! I mean, we haven't really hung out together since you were still apart of the Soviet Union!"
2PNyoAustria Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
A warm smile offered at the Russian, the Austrian woman reached out to give the other a friendly handshake. "Danke for the watch, deary~"
lyuli-lyuli-stayala Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2013
How comes your name is Anya, but your nickname is Anastasia?

// tilts head

My name is Anastasiya but people call me Anya.

// lost in thought

This confuses me.

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